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Following are some of the articles and reading lists that have made a huge difference in my life for the better. I have compiled this for your easy access and I hope the stuff below changes your life too as it has done mine.


These are regularly updated and refreshed and I will keep making new additions to these as time passes and life goes on.

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  1. The day you became a better writer by Scott Adams - This is a short piece Scott wrote. Don't underestimate what this piece can teach you about writing from it's length. This article is action packed with extremely valuable insights into writing for the modern online world.

  2. The writing process by Seth Godin - An insightful piece for all of us who are looking for the magical tactic of being able to write more and write better. Seth in his classic conversational style gives us examples and takes us through a book project of his that didn't do very well, sold the fewest copies. This was the book that he put in the most amount of work on though.

  3. Neil Strauss's Writing Tips by Dan’l Webster - So this article is a summation of an interview of Neil Strauss taken by Tim Ferriss on Creative Live. Very interesting stuff if you're aspiring to be a writer, especially if you want to write books.

  4. Maria Popova On Writing Habits Of Neil Gaiman - You must watch the video that Maria put on the page here. Neil is an amazing writer and his insight into producing work everyday is simple amazing. It is amazing because it does stand the test of time. We are going to be able to write more by actually writing more. By starting new projects and finishing them.

  5. The Note Card System By Ryan Holiday - This is definitely an amazing system of organizing a second brain. Robert Greene, Ryan Holiday and many others have a notecard system of organizing the information they have consumed in the past. If you have sucha a system then writing merely becomes organizing these pieces of information that you have stored over the years onto a piece of paper. You can create such a note card system for yourself online as well. I use Evernote.

  6. Ultimate guide to writing online by David Perell - This is a huge piece. Yet, it has practically everything that you would need to get started writing online. David takes you through organizing information, where to start when you don't really have anything to talk about and of course what building an audience by writing can do for you. A must read in my opinion.



1000 True Fans By Kevin Kelly


Ryan Holiday:

  1. General Marketing Advice For Hyper Growth

  2. Building An E-mail List Of 50,000+ People


Seth Godin:

  1. What is Marketing

  2. Marketing In 4 Steps

  3. Two Kinds Of Marketing


Shivam Chhuneja - This is me

  1. Marketing in 1 Blog Post

  2. My Wife Loves Burt

  3. How Many Slices Does Your Pizza Have?

  4. Modern Marketing Primer




Tim Ferriss:

  1. Build a Million-Dollar, One-Person Business – Case Studies From The 4-Hour Workweek

  2. How to Create a Million-Dollar Business This Weekend, On Noah Kagan


Noah Kagan:

  1. I Made $1K in 24 Hours - Sumo Jerky

  2. What I Learned Growing an 8-Figure Business

  3. Growth Marketing From Zero To 1 Million Users



Kevin O'Leary's Tips For Startups by Deep Patel




Thomas Frank:

  1. Doing Too Much For Too Long

  2. A Complete List Of Softwares And Apps I Use


Tim Ferriss:

  1. "Productivity" Tricks for the Neurotic, Manic-Depressive, and Crazy (Like Me)

  2. Apps I Use


Noah Kagan:

  1. Time Management Tips of Insanely Busy People

  2. My Favorite Productivity Hacks Ever



Stoic Philosophy

  1. The Stoic Art Of Journaling

  2. Letters From A Stoic By Seneca

  3. Memento Mori

  4. Amor Fati




Reading Lists

25 Life Changing Biographies List By Ryan Holiday

Guy Spier's Recommended Readings

Maria Popova's 33 Books On How To Live

Books That Changed My Life By Kevin Kelly

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