• Shivam Chhuneja

SEO Basics For Online Marketers

SEO refers to search engine optimization.

It is the process to optimize the content on your website in a way that helps your website rank better for specific search results.

SEO is important because it helps build an authority for your website in your industry, and helps you get organic traffic that turns into leads and finally into customers.

There are multiple search engines on the internet. The most common and the most widely used search engine is Google.

The way Google works is that when somebody searches for anything on Google, it tries to look for the most relevant result for that specific search term and show it to the users in the ranking on a search engine results page(SERP).

Since now we know what SEO stands for and that Google wants to show the most relevant results to the people searching on their platform, we have some idea of what can go into optimizing our website for search engines like Google.

There are mainly two types of SEO that you can do for your website to improve your ranking.

On Page S.E.O.

This type of SEO refers to the optimization that you do on your own website to maximize your search results view-ability.

Quality Of Content

We must focus on quality content to be published on your website.

When people search for specific terms they do not want mediocre answers to their questions.

What people are looking for is the best quality possible and the most relevant answer to their question.

So writing better content on your website is always going to give your website the much needed advantage as compared to your competitors in your industry.

One way to improve the quality of your content is to look at what competitors are doing and then try to make your content 10 times better than their content.

You can write better in-depth articles on the topics around your business to improve the quality of the content on your website.

With that being said of course the readability of your blog articles is going to be very important.

Writing huge paragraphs which do not come to an end and cover the whole screen of somebody's phone are going to create a bad readability experience for the viewer. Paragraphs such as this one are you going to give a headache.

However, smaller paragraphs like this one, with one or two lines such as this are easier to read and more fun.

Improving the quality of your content and always trying to write the best blog post on the planet on that topic is going to give you a lot of advantage in the long run in turn boosting the authority score of your domain.

Having high quality content, in quantity on your website is going to give Google a lot of data to crawl into.

This amount of information on your website sends positive signals to the search engines which helps your search ranking.

Authority score of your domain refers to how would Google or other search engines consider your website to be.

A random small new website which is not that old and has very less content is going to have a very small authority score as compared to a website like

Keywords In Your Content

A lot of people make the mistake of giving the most amount of importance to keywords.

There is a reason I am talking about keywords after talking about the quality and the quantity of the content on your website.

There are two types of keywords, long tail and short tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are a bit more in depth and longer keywords that might not have a lot of search volume so it is easy to rank for these.

Short tail keywords are more difficult to rank for.

For example, a short tail keyword is "content marketing” and a long tail keyword is “content marketing for men's fashion brands”

Normally, you are going to be better off by targeting long tail keywords first, and once you start ranking for those look into short tail keywords.

It is very important to understand that keyword research is important, but as important is to not put a lot of keywords into your content.

If you put in a lot of keywords the search engine understands that you are trying to forcefully rank for that specific topic and might penalize your website for that.

Rule of the thumb is the best SEO that you can do for your business is to put very high-quality content on your website and keep doing it very often.

Making Your Website Crawlable

Crawlability refers to the ability of your website to let search engines like Google go through your website structure and all the content on it.

So to make your website crawlable you need good internal links, indexed pages, your site map set up and submitted to Google.

Page Speed

Page speed matters a lot to search engines.

When somebody makes a search on a platform like Google and the top ranking website is slow, it makes the user think that Google has not given them a good enough result.

This hampers how people think about experience on Google.

So page speed directly affects the user experience of your website. Search engines want the user experience to be smooth across the internet.

Hence we need everything done to improve the page speed of your website.

Mobile Friendliness Of Your Website

More than 80% of the traffic that comes to my websites, my client websites and even then the ad campaigns spending thousands of dollars every single day comes from mobile phones.

As our world is moving towards a mobile first approach, and platforms like Google know this and have been promoting this for a long time.

So you want a website that is mobile friendly as much as it is a laptop or PC friendly website.

Off Page S.E.O.

Off page S.E.O. is the search engine optimization done not on your own website.

The aim of this is to get more visitors organically to your website, which boosts the search engine results page standing of your website for specific search terms.

Off page S.E.O. in my opinion consists of only two main things.


Banklink means when some other website links to your website from within their content.

However, backlinks from low quality websites, meaning low domain authority websites can actually hinder your search ranking.

Back links only made from higher authority websites matter positively for the search ranking.

So, you must not run towards getting more and more backlinks but focus on building great content that famous websites and people would love to link to anyways.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are the type of posts which you do on somebody else's website.

Once this post has been done on to the higher authority website you get an organic link towards your website from them.

A guest post also helps you get your name out to a newer audience.

Somebody else’s audience gets to read your content on the website they already fall and if they find it interesting and good enough, they will visit your website and maybe even subscribe to your email list.

These are the basic SO principles with creating good quality content in quantity being the best search engine optimization that you can do for your website and your business.