• Shivam Chhuneja

11 Online Business Ideas You Can Start For FREE in 2020

People are starting to realize the importance of remote work.

The economy is moving towards flexibility in work, more work life balance, people having a mixture of skills rather than just being specialists in one skill throughout their life.

We human beings have multiple interests and the good thing is that with the current economy we can do more of them if we choose our main skill better.

As the situation has changed quite a bit over the last couple of months many new opportunities have come up.

So in this article I thought of going over a few new business ideas that you can start in 2020.

Most of these ideas as you will see revolve around the idea of solopreneur rather than building a team of people.

The reason for these ideas is that managing a team takes up a lot of your time and you won't be able to do other things that you like and you don't get a better work life balance.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant job profiles are nothing new in the modern economy. There are tons and tons of virtual assistants in the world right now working on websites like Freelancer, Up Work and many more making a good living out of the job.

They help modern entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers and companies with their administrative tasks, managing emails, setting up work systems in place for those guys.

A great virtual assistant cannot only help you to manage your email better but also helps you in being more efficient with whatever kinds of work that you're planning to do.

So you might want to try out becoming a virtual assistant for a couple of influencers or bloggers in 2020.

Social Media Manager

I have been a social media manager for over four years.

Social media managers get to work remote. They can work from any part of the world where they have access to a phone and internet.

As a social media manager I have worked with many businesses from different parts of the world usually a few thousand kilometres away from my client.

Social media managers can have multiple job roles such as creating content for social media, managing social media pages for brands and businesses, replying to messages, managing online communities for brands.

A social media manager can also consult companies with their digital marketing strategies and help businesses grow their online community by building better relationships with the customers.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers technically need not be in the same place as the business itself.

Modern graphic designers help with creating great graphics for social media, for clients and their businesses.

The graphic designer I have been working with for a long time now, Adarsh, lives a few hundred kilometres away from me.

I have never physically met him, but he has not only done great photo and video shoots for my clients but created work of art graphics for me and my clients.

He's the one who does thumbnails for my YouTube channel as well.

So you can become an online graphic designer if you know the basics of design, and you know how to put yourself out there and talk to businesses who might not be in your city or even in your country.

Web Designer

A web designer is somebody who looks at the front-end of the website.

This is also a job profile that I have been in for a few years now, having built multiple client websites, my own project websites.

As a web designer you deal with platforms like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, and many more.

As a web designer you are in charge of how the layout of the website is going to be, what kind of colour schemes are going to be used, what user interface is that you are going to interact with.

App Developer

These days most of the businesses need apps to survive in this tough market place.

Most of the apps that you might feel are just basic take a lot of work and a lot of money to make.

If you are good as an app developer, in languages such as JavaScript, Python etc. and you are able to build great apps you can have a remote working future with bright economic prospects.

A simple basic mobile app that lives on Android store and iOS App Store could take anywhere from $10,000-$200,000 to make.

Most of the time companies require a team of app developers to successfully build an app to be published to the store or sometimes even the apps that are used internally by their team.

However if you are a full stack developer you can take a project from nothing to a fully built product on your own in turn building a complete MVP for somebody.

So as a full stack developer you might be the only developer in a start-up that might have raised some money and have bright economic prospects because you are a full stack developer.

If you are getting into app development space I would recommend you to become a full stack developer, it might take a couple of years but in the grand scheme of things, over the next 10 years you are going to be at an advantage.

Remote Tutor

With schools being closed down, colleges having to not conduct classes teachers have resorted to take lectures online.

Same has happened with a lot of tuition classes.

Students and kids still need to learn new things, so becoming a remote tutor of basic subjects such as programming, mathematics, science especially if you are in India has huge career prospects in 2020.

People want their kids to have a better and a wholesome education, and that opens up the opportunity for tutors for a lot of subjects in 2020.

You can start with teaching a subject you are good at, be it arts or mathematics.

Home Workout Equipment

With the way things are progressing right now home workouts are on the rise.

Companies and apps that provide home workout tips, home workout routines have seen a 400% rise in their business in the last two months alone.

With all the search around learning how to workout at home comes as a business opportunity if you are selling home workout equipment.

Small size dumbbells, compact stationary cycles, resistance bands and such equipment is needed by practically everybody wanting to work at home.

I'm not saying that people won't go to the gyms anymore, but a lot of people who are not working out at all might now start to work out at least at their homes.

Online Dance Instructor

Dance is again an activity that people can start doing while at their homes. They do not need to go for big group dance classes when they can get started learning from a remote teacher online.

So if you’re good at dance, this is definitely an activity that has seen a rise in the search.

The reason being that dancing is not only an exercise but also is a joyous activity.

Home Workout Instructor

As with the home workout equipment, comes the need of a home workout instructor.

People are willing to pay an instructor to teach them via zoom or skype. I know this because I know a few online yoga instructors and my mom has an online exercise group where her trainer takes fitness batches via zoom.

Online Gardening Instructor

Look, with more people staying at home people would want to get into a slow activity as well.

Growing your own food not only comes with extreme satisfaction, but you also get to slowly see your plants grow.

It is an extremely rewarding activity, I have taken this up with my wife at our new place as well.

We watched a ton of YouTube videos teaching terrace gardening.

We still do not know how to propagate common household veggies and stuff that people can grow in their balconies and terraces.

With more and more people wanting to consume only organic vegetables, this is a great niche to start teaching people about.

Tik Tok Manager

Tik Tok has become one of the most popular social media platforms within the last year.

You can become a Tik Tok manager, helping brands, influencers build their Tik Tok pages.

One huge audience profile could be YouTubers like me who would need video audiences on Tik Tok.

I hope these give you some idea of simple online service based businesses you can start for free.

If you have any more ideas, I would love to hear them in the comments below!