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Marketing Consultation and Planning Details - Shivam Chhuneja


I guarantee a visible change in the social media response, ad response and revenue increase within the first 45 days of signing me for any of my facilities. 


The way I work is follows:

  1. Client Assessment

  2. Target Analysis 

  3. Strategy Development

  4. Implementation


The client assessment, target analysis and strategizing are phase 1 of the plan. They include consultations, getting to know what is going wrong and right at what place with the current marketing strategy. 


Strategy development is the key, based on our conclusions with the first two points, we develop a strategy specially tailored to that specific brand.  


Implementation is a totally different ball game altogether. The strategies we devise are to be implemented in a clean way and there is no exception here. Even a slight deviation from the path is easily noticed by our target audience on a subconscious level. 

A current status audit of the whole business is done for free if you choose one of the packages below. 

If you would like to just get the marketing audit done the charges are INR 100,000

If I help you with consultations for the first 3 points, I charge INR 5000 a consultation session.


I suggest a minimum of 5 consultation sessions within a time frame of 15-20 days to get the total idea of what is to be done and how.


If you have an in house online marketing and social media team and you want me to train them in specific concepts and strategies, I charge an upfront INR 300,000/3 months for the basic training contingent on a contract for a minimum 3 months. 


If you wish for me and my team to handle all 4 steps, then the work put in every week increases dramatically, I charge INR 50,000/week for all the services stated above contingent on a fixed contract to stay with me as the social media marketer for a period of at least 8 months.


Shivam Chhuneja

Social Media Strategist